From the Academic Dean

From the Academic Dean

Cleonia Jackson Walker, M.S.W., D.D.

Dr. Cleonia J. Walker Academic Dean

One of the many joys I have as Dean and being a follower of Jesus Christ is the opportunity to witness how the Bible enriches so many lives, especially the students at Manna.  Manna is here to teach the Word of God and to let those who come through Manna’s doors know that the Word should be a joy to study.

That’s what Manna has done for me, and so many others.  Whether God has called you to pastor a church or lead a ministry, Manna is here to assist in your biblical learning.  In the over 77 years of our existence, thousands have graduated and have become effective and passionate Christian leaders or missionaries throughout the world.

Like you, each came with an expressed desire to increase their Bible knowledge on toward their calling.  Our mission is to partner with each student as they serve in achieving that goal.

I invite you to explore Manna and our rich history, lively atmosphere, love of the Bible, and purposeful teaching.  Perhaps our school song says it best, “The Bible stands like a rock undaunted.”  This is the principle by which we continue in the Christian faith.  I’m excited about what God is doing at Manna and would love if you would join us as we continue planting our feet on the Bible’s “firm foundation.”

In God’s joy,

Cleonia J. Walker, D.D.

Academic Dean