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Manna Bible Institute was formed in 1944 to teach the Bible and related subjects in a Christ-centered and student-friendly environment. At Manna, men and women study God's Word in a Bible institute where students are enrolled regardless of their prior academic, financial, or social background, and are encouraged and challenged to do their best in their studies. Manna students receive a biblical education that contributes to skill in ministry, confidence in life, Christian maturity, and spiritual development. MBI is built on the full authority of the Bible as the written Word of God and dedicated to God's glory as a Christ-centered educational institution that trains Christian men and women for the ministries to which the Lord has called them. We hope that this website will be helpful in answering your questions about our educational ministries. We welcome everyone to learn about Manna through the website, and we welcome prospective students who desire to "learn and lead" in Christian service to discover our educational opportunities.

What to Expect from
Manna Bible Institute (MBI)

The Mission of Manna Bible Institute is to teach and equip students, by means of the study of the Bible and related subjects, to proclaim the Gospel, to instruct others in the Word of God, and to prepare them to be missionaries, pastors, teachers, and Christian workers.

Manna Bible Institute (MBI)
Philadelphia, PA

Manna Bible Institute (MBI) welcomes prospective students who desire to
“learn and lead” in Christian service to discover our educational opportunities.

Message from the President

Now in our 77th year of providing high-quality Christian education, the Lord continues to bless the ministry of Manna Bible Institute.  When He promotes us to greater ministry, we are rewarded with greater levels of ministry and challenges.  While I believe it’s important for us to assess these challenges, we must find what God is doing in the midst of them and place our focus there.

I am excited about what God is going as we work to move Manna to the “Next Level.”  Surely this will not be an easy task, but it’s necessary.  When we see God working on our behalf, it increases our faith, and hope soon follows.  In these current times, we as believers must not only be knowledgeable of God’s Word, but we must apply those words to every aspect of our lives.  This can only happen when we remain encouraged, enthusiastic, excited, and hopeful.